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Regular Weekly or Fortnightly House Cleaning

Home Cleaning Canberra provides professional cleaning services on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We know that you are too busy at work to perform the type of house clean you know you and your family deserve.

At the same time it can be difficult to find a good house cleaner in your area. Your busy at work and looking after your family. Your time is valuable and you just want a top class cleaner who will take the time and care to leave your home clean, hygienic and beautifully presented.

We can come to your home during the day, in the evenings and even on weekends to provide a free quote. We are a local company who will listen to your needs.

Of course as we are career cleaners in Canberra we work to a detailed Cleaning Schedule whenever we visit your home.

        • Bathroom Cleaning
        • Kitchen Cleaning
        • Bedroom Cleaning
        • Living Room Cleaning, Hallways and Stairs
        • Timber Floor Cleaning
        • Tile Cleaning

We can also perform extra Housekeeping Services such as:

        • Changing Linen
        • Making Beds
        • Refrigerator Cleaning
        • Inside of Windows Cleaned
        • Mini-blinds Cleaned
        • Light fixture washing Inside
        • Ceiling Fans cleaned

Bathroom Cleaning

Just how dirty is your bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to keep clean. The high use, the humidity and the personal care products make for an easy to mess up but hard to clean environment. Of course it’s also one of the room in your home you most want to present clean, hygienic and sparkling.

Home Cleaning Canberra has a detailed cleaning schedule for bathrooms that all our domestic cleaners are trained in. By having our bathroom cleaning process completed regularly in your home grime and germs are completely removed.

In all rooms we start cleaning at the top and work our way down each surface methodically until we can remove all contaminants from the bathroom floor and then mop to a pristine shine.
Here’s a brief outline of the system your house cleaners will use:

        • Ensure any cobwebs are removed from light fittings, ceiling, architraves, walls and fittings
        • Check and remove hand marks, grime or mould build up from walls and fittings
        • Wipe the tops of shower partitions, window sills and tops of wall tiles.
        • Wipe the tops of cupboards and storage units
        • Scrub the shower tiles from top to bottom, using a scrub brush where necessary to ensure grout is clean.
        • Clean shower glass (or curtains) ensuring all soap and grime is removed and glass is left clear and streak free,
        • Clean tiles above bathtub including any soap-holders
        • Clean the bathtub from top to bottom ensuring any dust and dirt is collected in one corner of the bath and removed.
        • Wipe bathtub to a streak free polish
        • Clean mirrors and polish with a microfiber cloth
        • Wipe down tiles and vanity bench around basin. Ensure any personal items are lifted and cleaned underneath.
        • Wipe vanity basin from top to bottom and remove any dust and dirt. Wipe vanity basin to a streak free shine.
        • Wipe down cupboard removing all hand prints, grime and dust.
        • Wipe down any fittings and skirting boards
        • Ensure rear of bathroom door is wiped down and all fingerprints, dust and grime are removed.
        • Vacuum/sweep out bathroom floor.
        • Mop bathroom floor with a hospital grade disinfectant.

As you can see this bathroom cleaning process leaves little to chance and ensures we are the best Canberra cleaners for you.

Carpet Cleaning

We can review your carpet cleaning needs and provide you with a free quotation. we can advise whether your carpet cleaning would be best suited by steam cleaning or dry cleaning. We will also let you know if your carpet requires specialist stain removal.

Having identified your needs we will project manage the clean for you. We will co-ordinate the time with you. If needed we will attend to allow our carpet cleaners entry.

End Of Lease Cleaning

Moving house can be really stressful! Doing your own End Of Lease Cleaning in Canberra is time consuming and often exhausting. You should be concentrating on setting up your new home not cleaning the bathrooms, oven, windows and cupboards in your old house.

Real Estate Agents are becoming more and more demanding. Often they send you a 2 page End Of Lease Cleaning checklist detailing all the tasks and standards they expect you to meet. It’s incredibly hard for tenants to find the time and equipment needed to complete the modern Real Estate Agents requirements.

We have over 10 years of experience in End Of Lease Cleaning and can guarantee our work. If the Agent finds a fault with the cleaning we will return free of charge and rectify it. This will ensure you get your bond back with a minimum of fuss and effort.

Other services we can provide:

  • Oven Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

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